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Dated: 04/11/2018

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I am sure you have heard the term "decluttering".

Well, this is a term I am now replacing with "premoving".

What is premoving you ask?  It's a series of actions I am suggesting to my sellers to have their house in a condition to sell, and when you get an offer and the contract says the buyer wants the keys at closing, you can say "no problem".

Prior to the photographer coming....

The first thing I am highly suggesting is to designate a room or two as their "premoving" rooms.  These rooms will not be photographed.

The goal is to make interior rooms, closets, and cupboards look large with lots of space.  As much as possible a seller wants their house to look like a home in a home and garden magazine.

So big items first, you will want to put in your premoving room furniture you are planning on moving, but makes a room look small.

Furniture that you are not moving needs to be sold, donated, or given away.  If you don't sell an item, I highly recommend donating items to a charitable organization because one they can probably use the item and two you get a deduction on your taxes.

Next are the items to be put in boxes.

Dishes, glasses, cups, cookware, and utensils.  We all have way to many items that we do not need on a daily basis.  Instead of service for 8, reduce it to service for 4.

Toys, yes children need toys, but how many do they really play with on a weekly basis?  Those they don'y use, box them up.  This also go for children and adult cards, and board games.

Closets, everyone is looking for large closet spaces.  So, clothes you haven't worn this past Spring and Summer, or this winter, well I think you know what I am going to suggest.

You will also want to remove personal pictures.  You want the new buyer visualizing your house as their new home, and not the house where you are raising your children.  I was once with a buyer showing them a house, and they spent a lot of time looking at all the family pictures on the furniture and the walls.  They were wondering if they knew the people and from where did they know them.  Did they buy the house, No.  Did they take 3 times the amount of time to look at a home, Yes.

Last but not least, do you have magnets on your refrigerator?  Remove them and put them in a box.  You want to have your kitchen well organized.  Magnets all over a refrigerator does not look organized.

With just these small few suggestions, your house is now ready for the real estate market.

Why am I bringing pre-moving to your attention?  There are two types of houses.  Houses that people live in and the other is a house that people want to sell.  Which house do you want your house to be?  Are you the seller who sells their house quickly, or are you the seller who keeps wondering why their house is still on the market? 

I am looking forward to an exciting new year in real estate for Sylvania, Sylvania Township, and the surrounding Toledo areas.  So, if you are thinking about selling your house or buying a new home, let's talk.  You may like to visit my web site at My email is [email protected].  You can also call or text me at 419-346-1458. 




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